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Michael Tozzi, the founder of Tassoni's, descends from a distinguished lineage of successful restaurateurs. For three generations, the Tassoni family has shared the joy of fine Italian cuisine with communities all over the world.

Growing up in a large Italian family, Michael's fondness for entertaining began at a very young age. Michael hosted many lavish parties in which he treated his guests with his family's epicurean sausages. So desired and craved for its mouth watering flavors, Michael's gourmet Italian sausages appeased the most sophisticated taste buds. From the old world al dente spaghetti, to the perfectly layered fresh ricotta lasagna, to the wood grilled sausages served over penne, Michael's cuisine meshes artistic glare with euphoric flare.

It did not take long for Michael's unique flavors to seduce the most discriminating consumers. Michael's cuisine was discovered by a prominent chef who upon tasting the sausage for the first time, instantly fell victim to its captivating flavors. Immediately, thereafter, this prominent chef ordered his first batch of gourmet Italian sausages which ended up on plates served at his restaurant's star-studded opening night located inside one of the elite resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. The response to Michael's sausages by the guests was overwhelming. It was an instant success. It was at that moment that Michael decided to share this passion for making the finest sausages in the world.

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